Customer Success is your strongest asset to grow your business

Grow faster and more profitably with a customer-centric approach
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What We Do

 We help early stage and growth tech companies
build and implement customer-centric programs that
create loyal customer who renew, buy more and tell others 


Our custom HealthCheck framework prioritizes where to focus so you build the right Customer Success model from day one


We deliver tailored playbooks and programs
that optimize key processes
and fuel your growth


Experienced leadership
when and where you need it 
to develop your team and scale.

Who We’ve Worked With

Case Studies

HealthCheck Diagnostic

A B2B startup that helps companies reduce or eliminate quality, safety and production incidents knew it needed to be more proactive to ensure satisfaction and retention across its clients, but didn’t know where to start. 

Onboarding Playbook 

Clients of a growth stage B2B sales productivity software provider were getting stuck in the onboarding stage and were taking too long to realize the benefits of the platform.

Fractional Leadership

An early stage FinTech company needed a Customer Success strategy, and leadership to guide the team, to ensure the successful adoption and referencability of their solution with their enterprise clients.


Customer Success – More Important Now than Ever

Throughout my career in technology, I’ve focused on helping customers achieve their goals. My experiences span the entire customer journey – from enterprise sales and account management, through implementation, support and customer success. While the COVID-19 pandemic is unlike anything I’ve experienced before, I realized that in my 20+ year career I have experienced three other economically challenging times; the 2008 recession, the dot-com bubble and Y2K. Through these experiences I learned that while times of uncertainty are stressful, they can also be times of great opportunity.

Knowledge Transfer – Why it’s key to Customer Success

The most successful buying processes focus on helping customers understand how they can achieve value from the solutions they invest in. It’s important for Success teams to proactively provide Sales teams with a frame work for knowledge transfer. Read more to find out why.

3 Ways to Move toward Proactive Customer Success

Helping your Customer Success teams engage more proactively with customers is a challenge that’s top of mind with many leaders. Of course your team needs to respond to customer queries, but when teams engage proactively from the beginning of the customer’s experience it strengthens your role as a trusted adviser.