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“As sales enablement and revenue operations experts, you understand the power of leveraging top-notch tools like Seismic and Salesloft. But are you unlocking their full potential? Ensure your sales team excels with personalized content, streamlined workflows, and improved performance by integrating these two powerhouse platforms.”

Sales Enablement

Seismic Software helps sales teams increase win rates, shorten sales cycles, and improve customer retention.

Integration Services

Market-Partners has a proven track record of successful projects with satisfied clients who have achieved sales and marketing alignment with Seismic and Salesloft integration.

Sales Engagement

Salesloft helps sales teams increase revenue, reduce cost, and drive revenue predictability.


Integrate Seismic and Salesloft

• Personalized Content Delivery: Easily access Seismic’s content within Salesloft to deliver relevant messages at every touchpoint.

• Enhanced Performance Tracking: Monitor the influence of your content on sales outcomes directly within Salesloft’s dashboards.

• Streamlined Sales Activities: Align your efforts seamlessly with the buyer’s journey, leveraging insights from both platforms.

• Skill and Performance Boost: Benefit from combined coaching and feedback features to elevate your sales team’s capabilities.

Elevate Your Sales Game: Seismic + Salesloft Together!

Salesloft Sees 35% Higher Win Rates when Delivering Content to Buyers through Seismic.


Integrating Seismic and Salesloft

“Embarking on an integration journey requires intricate technical knowledge and a strategic approach. That’s where Market-Partners come in. As specialists in Seismic and Salesloft integration, we bring a wealth of experience and a proven track record to ensure your integration is seamless, strategic, and successful.”

Strategic Design

We tailor an integration plan aligned with your unique business objectives and constraints.

Efficient Implementation

Experience a smooth transition with minimal disruption and maximum value.

Adoption Support

We ensure your team embraces the new system, addressing any challenges head-on.

Continuous Optimization

Benefit from ongoing support and enhancements, driving sustained success.


Our Approach to Successful Adoption

Support a comprehensive adoption plan that addresses barriers, challenges, gaps, pain points, opportunities, and benefits. Provide adequate and ongoing training, coaching, guidance, and support to the sales and marketing teams and their customers on how to use the Seismic and Salesloft software and their integration effectively and efficiently.

Conduct surveys, interviews, focus groups, or observations with the sales and marketing teams and their customers to understand their needs, expectations, preferences, and feedback. Analyze data, metrics, reports, or dashboards from the CRM, Seismic enablement platform, Salesloft engagement platform, or other tools to measure the usage, performance, impact, and satisfaction of the sales and marketing teams and their customers.

Custom Integration Strategy

Design a customized integration strategy that aligns with the business goals, objectives, needs, expectations, budget, and timeline. Implement a seamless integration process that minimizes disruption, maximizes efficiency, ensures quality, and delivers value.

Ongoing Evaluation

Monitor an ongoing evaluation system that collects feedback, tracks metrics, analyzes data and reports results. Optimize a continuous improvement cycle that recognizes rewards, identifies issues, and provides solutions.


How long will the integration take?

Market-Partners provides a proprietary toolkit of best practices, procedures, frameworks, templates, checklists, manuals, and assessments to ensure timely and successful outcomes. A good integration could take several weeks or more, depending on the expectations of the sales and marketing teams.

What is the estimated cost of integration?

Investing in Seismic and Salesloft software represents a strategic decision to enhance your sales enablement and revenue operations. To maximize the return on this investment, it is crucial to tailor the integration process to your organization’s unique requirements. Our service is priced between $10,000 and $100,000, reflecting the scope of your team and the complexity of ensuring successful adoption.

Market-Partners is committed to delivering a seamless integration experience through a series of meticulously planned steps:

• Initiate a Discovery Phase: Engage with key stakeholders to gain a comprehensive understanding of the present operational framework, aspirational goals, and strategic objectives.

• Audit Existing Software: Conduct an exhaustive evaluation of your current Seismic and Salesloft implementations to identify areas of enhancement.

• Gather Team Insights: Utilize surveys, interviews, focus groups, and observational studies to capture the perspectives and requirements of your sales and marketing personnel.

• Data and Performance Analysis: Analyze a variety of metrics and reports from your CRM and sales platforms to assess usage trends, performance levels, and overall satisfaction among team members and clients.

• Usability Testing: Employ user testing and pilot programs to validate the functionality and added value of the integrated Seismic and Salesloft solutions prior to a full-scale rollout.

• Comprehensive Reporting: Provide a detailed report outlining key findings, actionable insights, and a strategic plan for the integration project, seeking stakeholder feedback and endorsement.

• Strategic Integration Design: Formulate a bespoke integration strategy that resonates with your business objectives, expectations, financial considerations, and timelines.

• Adoption and Support Plan: Develop a thorough adoption strategy that addresses potential obstacles and leverages opportunities, complemented by continuous training and support for your teams and clients.

• Evaluation and Optimization: Implement an ongoing evaluation framework to collect feedback, monitor key metrics, and optimize processes through a cycle of continuous improvement.

By following this structured approach, Market-Partners ensures that your transition to an integrated Seismic and Salesloft environment is conducted with minimal disruption, cost-efficiency, and a clear focus on achieving your business objectives.

How would integration enable sales reps to access and deliver relevant content from Seismic Software within Salesloft cadences and conversations?

Through browsing, searching, and selecting content from Seismic Software’s content repository within Salesloft’s interface, integration would enable sales representatives to access and provide pertinent content from Seismic Software within Salesloft cadences and conversations. Sales representatives might use Salesloft’s templates and workflows to disseminate material via phone calls, social media, or email. Additionally, sales representatives would be able to view the content that Seismic Software recommends depending on the buyer’s stage, behavior, and profile.

How would integration enable sales reps to track and measure the impact of content on pipeline and revenue within Salesloft dashboards and reports?

Through integration, sales representatives would be able to monitor and assess how content affects important metrics like open rates, click-through rates, engagement times, conversion rates, deal sizes, and deal velocity within Salesloft dashboards and reports. Sales representatives would be able to determine which material works best for various buyer scenarios, segments, and personas. Aside from optimizing their content strategy, sales representatives could also benefit from the insights and analytics offered by Seismic Software and Salesloft.

How would integration enable sales reps to leverage AI-generated text from Salesloft to create personalized messages and value propositions based on Seismic Software insights?

Through integration, sales representatives would be able to utilize Salesloft’s AI-powered writing assistant, which produces tailored text for various communication channels and scenarios, to craft personalized messages and value propositions based on Seismic Software insights. Sales representatives could use Seismic Software’s insights, which include the buyer’s objectives, problems, interests, and preferences, in their messaging. Additionally, sales representatives could modify their messaging according to the tone, sentiment, and personality of the customer.

How would integration enable sales reps to align their sales activities and content with the buyer’s journey and preferences across different channels and touchpoints?

Through the usage of Seismic Software’s dynamic content functionality, which adjusts material based on the context and behavior of the buyer, integration would enable sales representatives to match their sales activities and content with the buyer’s journey and preferences across various channels and touchpoints. Sales representatives would be able to send the appropriate message to the right person at the right time with the appropriate content. Using Salesloft’s collaboration tools, sales representatives would also be able to plan their sales activities and content with other members of the sales team and stakeholders.

How would integration enable sales reps to improve their sales skills and performance by receiving coaching and feedback from both Seismic Software and Salesloft platforms?

Through integration, sales representatives would be able to utilize the coaching feature of Seismic Software, which offers direction and best practices for producing and distributing effective content, as well as feedback and coaching from both the Salesloft and Seismic Software platforms. Sales representatives would have access to Salesloft’s coaching tool, which offers comments and recommendations for enhancing their methods and abilities in communication. Additionally, sales representatives would have access to tools and training from both platforms that aid in the development of their sales competencies.

What are the common barriers and challenges that prevent sales reps from adopting and using Seismic and Salesloft effectively?

Typical obstacles and difficulties include the following:

• Not knowing how to use Seismic and Salesloft and their advantages, or not having the necessary knowledge or training.
• Aversion to change, fear of failing, or a preference for routines and habits that are already in place.
• The new technologies’ features and complexity, which might cause confusion or overwhelm.
• Bad functionality, user experience, or design of Seismic and Salesloft and how they are integrated.
• Deficit of encouragement, criticism, or support from colleagues, customers, or management.

How will you identify the specific adoption gaps and pain points for our sales reps and their customers?

 Among the methods we employ to pinpoint the precise adoption gaps and pain spots are:

• To learn about the needs, expectations, preferences, and feedback of your sales representatives, conduct surveys, interviews, focus groups, or observational studies.

• Examine information from dashboards, metrics, reports, and data sources such as your CRM, Seismic and Salesloft platforms, or other tools to gauge how well your sales representatives are using, performing, making an impact, and satisfying their clients.

• Before releasing the Seismic and Salesloft integration broadly, assess its usability, functionality, and value using user testing, prototyping, or piloting techniques.

How will you create and carry out a thorough adoption plan that takes into account the obstacles and difficulties while maximizing the advantages and opportunities presented by the integration of Seismic and Salesloft?

Several components of an all-encompassing adoption plan include:

• Clearly and consistently convey to your sales representatives the integration’s vision, objectives, advantages, and expectations.

• Give your sales representatives sufficient and continuous coaching, training, direction, and assistance on how to use Seismic and Salesloft and their integration in an effective and efficient manner.

• Make the integration more user-friendly and straightforward by getting rid of pointless features, cutting down on complexity, enhancing compatibility, and guaranteeing interoperability.

• Gathering input, keeping track of metrics, evaluating data, and reporting findings are ways to monitor and assess the integration.

• Encourage adoption and use of the integration by your sales representatives by recognizing and rewarding them through incentives, recognition, gamification, or social proof.

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